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Amethyst from Bolivia Hot Purple (9 lbs 13 oz)

Amethyst from Bolivia Hot Purple (9 lbs 13 oz)

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Large individual crystals of a unique hot purple color Amethyst tipped Quartz crystals from the early 2000's finds at the Anahi mine in Bolivia. The Quartz crystals, while interconnected, still have sufficient separation to display as discernable prismatic terminated individual crystals. A great piece with a recognizable color that comes from this distinct find.

APPROXIMATE SIZE: 9.5 x 7 x 4-inches

WEIGHT: 9 pounds 13 ounces

Amethyst from Bolivia is a variety of the mineral quartz that is typically found in shades of purple, ranging from light lavender to deep violet. The "hot purple" Amethyst from Bolivia is particularly prized for its vibrant, intense color.

Amethyst is composed of silicon and oxygen, with trace amounts of iron that give the mineral its distinctive purple hue. It is known for its unique crystal structure, and is highly valued for its beauty and its healing properties.

Amethyst is believed to have a variety of healing properties, including promoting clarity of thought, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting restful sleep. It is also said to help balance the energy of the body and the mind, and to promote feelings of calm and tranquility.

When selecting an Amethyst specimen, it's important to consider the quality of the mineral, including its color, clarity, and overall appearance. Higher quality specimens will have a deep, rich color, and a well-defined crystal structure.

Amethyst can be used in a variety of ways, including as a decorative object, as a component of jewelry, or as a tool for alternative healing practices. It is a popular choice for meditation and relaxation practices, and is highly valued by collectors, enthusiasts, and those interested in alternative healing practices.

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