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Amethyst Polished Freeform in silver mount

Amethyst Polished Freeform in silver mount

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Spectacular freeform of a natural crystalline Amethyst vug with a polished outer layer. The piece is artistic with very good purple Amethyst color from multiple cavities but what really makes it standout is the highly aesthetic undulating interior of the main vug.

LOCATION: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

APPROXIMATE SIZE: 22 x 10 x 10-inch (with mount)

Amethyst is a popular and highly valued variety of quartz that is known for its purple hue. The Amethyst Polished Freeform with multiple cavities is a unique and visually stunning form of amethyst that features multiple hollow cavities throughout the stone. These cavities can range in size and shape, creating a beautiful and intricate display of purple crystals and druzy formations.

This type of amethyst is typically formed in geodes or cavities within volcanic rocks, where minerals such as silica and iron combine to create the distinct purple hue and crystal formations. The cavities within the amethyst are created by gas bubbles or other types of voids that were present during the formation of the rock.

The Amethyst Polished Freeform with multiple cavities is often used in decorative displays or as a centerpiece in crystal collections due to its unique and eye-catching appearance. It can also be used for healing and spiritual purposes, as amethyst is believed to promote relaxation, calmness, and spiritual awareness. Its properties are said to help relieve stress, anxiety, and negative energy while enhancing intuition and spiritual connection.

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