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Citrine Tumble (medium)

Citrine Tumble (medium)

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Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz and is known for its warm and sunny appearance. Citrine Tumbles are small, polished stones that have been tumbled to create a smooth and rounded surface. The stones can vary in color from pale yellow to deep amber and may have natural patterns and inclusions.

Citrine Tumbles are often used in crystal healing and energy work, as they are believed to promote joy, abundance, and positivity. Citrine is said to be a powerful stone for manifesting wealth and success, as well as for enhancing creativity and confidence. It is also believed to help with digestion, metabolism, and the immune system.

In addition to its metaphysical properties, Citrine Tumbles are prized for their natural beauty. The stones are often used in jewelry, decor, and crafts due to their warm and inviting appearance.

Citrine Tumbles can be used in a variety of ways, such as carrying them in your pocket or purse for daily use, placing them on an altar or grid for meditation and manifestation, or incorporating them into jewelry or decorative objects.

Overall, Citrine Tumbles are a versatile and beautiful form of the mineral Citrine. Their association with positivity, abundance, and creativity make them a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts and collectors.

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