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Copper with Cuprite

Copper with Cuprite

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LOCATION: Rubtsovsk Mine, Rubtsovsky Dist., Altai Krai, Russia

APPROXIMATE SIZE: Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 6.0 x 5.2 cm



Lustrous, sharp dark metallic-gray cuprite octahedrons with subtle hints of red are aesthetically clustered and scattered on the dramatically arborescent 3-dimensional floater specimen of intergrown euhedral to anhedral copper crystals.

The cuprites reach 1.0 cm and areas on the copper have brick-red cuprite crusts, adding color and character. These striking and excellent combinations are from late 2000s and 2010 finds at this polymetallic mine.

The piece displays well without aid, as the base has been slightly ground. Every turn presents a different perspective to this sculptural copper accented with cuprite crystals.

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