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Gabbro Sphere from Madagascar (medium 2 inch)

Gabbro Sphere from Madagascar (medium 2 inch)

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LOCATION: Madagascar

Gabbro is a dark, coarse-grained igneous rock that is rich in minerals like plagioclase feldspar, pyroxene, and sometimes olivine. It is formed deep within the Earth's crust through the slow cooling and solidification of magma. Gabbro is often used as a decorative stone due to its attractive appearance, and is frequently carved into spheres for this purpose.

A Gabbro sphere from Madagascar typically exhibits a dark greenish-gray to black coloration, with white, gray, or light green inclusions or veins. The surface of the sphere is often polished to a high gloss, revealing the intricate patterns and textures of the rock. Due to the presence of plagioclase feldspar, Gabbro has a distinct luster and can appear iridescent when viewed at certain angles.

Gabbro spheres are thought to possess grounding and stabilizing energies that can help balance and harmonize the mind and body. They are said to aid in centering one's thoughts and emotions, promoting a sense of inner peace and calm. Gabbro spheres may also be used in meditation practices, as their smooth surface and tactile qualities can be soothing to hold and manipulate.

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