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Obsidian Sphere (large 2.5 inch)

Obsidian Sphere (large 2.5 inch)

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APPROXIMATE SIZE: Large 2.5 inch

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooling lava. Obsidian spheres are polished and shaped into a perfectly round ball for use in decorative and spiritual practices.

Obsidian spheres come in various colors, including black, brown, grey, and green. The color of the obsidian is determined by the presence of certain minerals and impurities in the volcanic glass. Black obsidian is the most common variety and is believed to have strong protective properties, shielding the user from negative energies.

Obsidian spheres are popular for their beauty, but they are also used for their spiritual and healing properties. Many believe that obsidian can help to release negative energy, promote clarity of thought, and offer protection from negativity. It is often used in meditation practices as it is said to help one connect with their inner self and promote self-discovery.

Overall, obsidian spheres are a beautiful and powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways, including as a decorative item or as part of a spiritual or healing practice.

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