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Smoky "Alligator" Quartz from Brazil (10 lbs 7 oz)

Smoky "Alligator" Quartz from Brazil (10 lbs 7 oz)

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A large but relatively thin transparent highly lustrous Smoky Quartz plate. The piece has numerous glassy small crystal faces on both sides that results in a texture appearance referred to as "Alligator" Quartz. It displays in a perfect upright "V' that highlights the clarity and smoky wisps throughout the piece. A really great and unusual styled display sized

APPROXIMATE SIZE: 14.5 x 13 x 3-inches

WEIGHT: 10 pounds 7 ounces

Smoky "Alligator" Quartz is a unique variety of smoky quartz that is found primarily in Brazil. It is named for its distinctive pattern, which resembles the skin of an alligator or crocodile. The crystal's surface has a textured, scaly appearance that is caused by the growth of tiny quartz crystals on top of the larger smoky quartz crystal.

This type of quartz is highly valued for its beauty and unique appearance. It is believed to have powerful grounding and protective properties, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety while promoting feelings of calm and balance.

In addition to its aesthetic and healing properties, Smoky "Alligator" Quartz is also highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts due to its rarity. It is typically found in small quantities and can be quite expensive.

When selecting a Smoky "Alligator" Quartz specimen, it's important to consider the quality of the crystal, including its color, clarity, and overall appearance. Higher quality specimens will have a rich, deep color, with well-defined patterns and textures.

This crystal can be used in a variety of ways, including as a decorative object, as a component of jewelry, or as a tool for meditation and alternative healing practices. It is a popular choice for those interested in crystal healing, as well as collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and rarity of this unique variety of smoky quartz.


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